MANTENA has signed a new contract with Öresundståg to continue maintaining the Öresund fleet operating between cities in southern Sweden and Denmark. The contract was awarded after SJ’s contract to operate Öresundståg services was suspended two years into the eight-year agreement, with Transdev awarded a two-year emergency contract last month.

Mantena has maintained the trains since the start of SJ’s operating contract on December 13 2020. The Öresund fleet is maintained at a workshop in Hässleholm in Sweden’s Scania region, which is financed and owned by Öresundståg. Mantena is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

“This is one of the largest maintenance contracts in the Nordic region,” says Mantena CEO, Mr Jon Arne Ulvan. “We are dedicated to the Nordic market and are ready to continue bidding when new tenders come out. Being awarded this contract is a recognition of the kind of quality we work hard to deliver, and it inspires us to keep on improving.”

“We are pleased that we now have the agreement with Mantena in place,” says Öresundståg operations manager, Mr Jarl Samuelsson. “They have clearly shown understanding of the requirements of maintaining our Öresund trains. Now, we can keep evolving our partnership at the modern depot in Hässleholm.”