The trains were acquired from Bombardier in 2006 after ÖBB decided to curtail its order. ÖBB operates a large fleet of Talent EMUs (class 4023/4024/4124) on regional services in Austria.

The MÁV-Start trains are used on EuRegio trains between Vienna and Györ but most of the fleet is out of service due to technical faults such as fast-wearing brake discs.

The fleet was maintained by Stadler in 2011-2017 but no new maintenance contract has been let since.

ÖBB and MÁV Vagon will perform a major overhaul on all 10 trains, including alterations to poorly-functioning systems and equipment and modifications to make easy and cost-effective maintenance possible.

At the same time, the vehicles will be repainted into the now standard white, blue and yellow livery carried by MÁV-Start multiple units.

After the modifications, availability of the fleet is expected to reach 80 to 90% by the end of 2020.