HUNGARIAN operator MÁV-Start has awarded Siemens Mobility a framework contract for an initial 35 Vectron electric locomotives. With options, the order could reach 115 units.

MÁV-Start called for tenders for a framework contract for 90 dual-voltage (25kV ac 50Hz, 15kV 16.7Hz) and 25 triple-voltage (25kV 50Hz, 15kV 16.7Hz and 3kV dc) 200km/h locomotives in January 2020. Both Bombardier and Siemens bid for the contract.

Each new class 471 locomotive will cost €3.49m ($US 3.8m) each for the dual-voltage units and €4.07m for the triple-voltage units. The contract will last for 96 months.

Bombardier’s offer for its Traxx3 locomotive was €4.58m for each dual-voltage unit and €5.12m for each triple-voltage unit.

Siemens will also offer a general warranty of 24 months, but the anti-corrosion warrant will last for 14 years, and the paint warrant will last for eight years.

MÁV intends to use the locomotives on its inter-city and soon to be implemented IC+ services which will mostly operate on lines rebuilt for speeds up to 160km/h and haul coaches produced by MÁV-Start’s own Szolnok works.

Currently the operator only has 35 locomotives capable of speeds of 160km/h or higher, many of which are occupied on international routes. Inter-city services are currently limited to 120km/h with the exception of a few trains on the Budapest - Hegyshalom line.

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