The new LRVS will serve the 36.2km Tuen Mun - Yuen Long network in the northwest of Hong Kong. 30 of the LRVs will replace Kawasaki Phase 2 vehicles, which date from 1992. The other 10 will expand the fleet to 150 vehicles.

The first two LRVs will enter service later this year with delivery of the remaining vehicles taking place in batches up to 2023.

The new LRVs retain the exterior design and colour scheme of the previous generation of vehicles. However, the cab will feature a wider sightline for drivers. Passengers will also benefit from an improved LED lighting system as well as enhanced handrail and straphanger arrangements.

MTR says the new LRVs have undergone a series of tests and examinations at the manufacturer’s factory before delivery to Hong Kong. A further series of safety and performance tests and commissioning procedures will now take place ahead of their entry into service. The vehicles will also need to secure approval from relevant government authorities.

CRRC is supplying the LRVs under a $HK 745m ($US 95.1m) contract awarded in 2016.