Delivery of the first vehicles is planned for 2021.

The four-section vehicles, which SWM first ordered in 2012, will operate throughout the Munich tram network and accommodate around 218 passengers.

The car body is based on a welded steel frame, while the entire body shell is also given a cathodic dip painting to provide optimal protection against corrosion.

The interior has two large multifunctional areas for pushchairs and wheelchairs. The LRVs also feature infotainment screens and eight large double doors to reduce dwell times.

“The order of 73 new LRVs marks a major investment in the further expansion of Munich’s tram system,” says Mr Ingo Wortmann, chairman of the management board of MVG and managing director, mobility, at SWM. “The new LRVs will enable us to make further improvements in the existing network and operate new routes like the planned light rail tangents and a light rail line in the northern part of the city.”

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