TURIN Transport Group (GTT) will introduce an initial fleet of 30 LRVs being supplied by Hitachi Rail on September 11.

Hitachi Rail was awarded a framework contract for 70 LRVs in Spring 2020. The remaining batch of 40 vehicles will be delivered by 2024. The framework agreement is being financed by Italy’s Ministry of Transport through an agreement with the City of Turin aimed at boosting rail transport in large cities.

Each 28m-long LRV has a maximum speed of 60km/h and can accommodate up to 218 passengers.

The LRVs have an innovative air-conditioning system which provides a continuous exchange of air from the outside. The vehicles have large windows with transparent sides to the roof to provide a high level of light inside and good visibility outside.

The units have two areas for passengers with reduced mobility and are designed to provide easy access and good manoeuvrability for wheelchairs. External information displays are positioned so that they are visible to passengers in wheelchairs.

“Hitachi Rail’s new trams for the City of Turin represents the evolution of the previous Sirio model, of which hundreds have been built for cities in Italy and abroad,” says Mr Luca D'Aquila, COO of Hitachi Rail. “The trams incorporate new technologies and high-quality standards for reliability and passenger comfort and are designed to further encourage the use of public transport in cities.”

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