GERMAN Rail’s (DB) ICE 4 trains will be maintained at a new depot in Cottbus, Germany, from 2024, almost two years earlier than planned with construction on the facility expected to start next year.  

Preparatory work is already underway and DB is set to construct it in stages Initially instead of a large maintenance shed with six tracks, a two-track facility will open in 2024, followed by a four-track shed in 2026. This enables operations to start on site earlier than had been thought. Entire 400-metre ICE 4 trains will be able to be maintained inside the buildings. 

DB will recruit 500 new staff by 2024 and create a further 700 new jobs by 2026.  

“The plant is a double investment in the future,” says DB CEO, Mr Richard Lutz. “On the one hand, it advances the mobility revolution and thus makes an important contribution to climate protection. And it promotes structural change in Lusatia, because we offer secure and good jobs here.” 

DB says the new depot is an essential building block on the way to further increasing passenger numbers in the long-distance transport system. 

New ICE 4 trains are currently being delivered at a rate of one every three weeks with the fleet currently at almost 80 trains. DB says by the end of 2024 there will be 137 of the trains in operation.