The sensors will record the temperature of the boiler, heating system and outlet, with this data collated and processed in the Nexxiot Connect Cloud. Detailed evaluations and further analyses will be available on VTG’s Traigo platform.

If the temperature in the wagon changes, the operator and customer will receive a notification.

“Some products can no longer be used even after small temperature fluctuations,” says Mr Hanno Schell, head of innovation at VTG. “That is why we want to guarantee seamless documentation for our customers when transporting high-quality chemicals or other temperature-sensitive goods. By notifying you of irregularities, measures can be initiated in real-time to counteract temperature fluctuations.”

Nexxiot CEO, Mr Stefan Kalmund, says there are opportunities to provide quality assurance and transparency along international supply chains.

“In many sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, there are high requirements for temperature monitoring of sensitive goods,” he says. “The use of real-time information and its integration into the everyday work of customers plays an important role.”