ÖBB Infrastructure has signed a €248m contract with Plasser & Theurer for the supply of 54 new maintenance vehicles with the first  due in traffic on the Koralm Railway at the end of 2023.

There are four different types of vehicle within the order all capable of 120km/h. The first two, ETW 1.0 and ETW 2.0 will be fitted with cranes, work platforms, pushers to manipulate the overhead line catenary and modern measuring systems.

A third type, EOBW 1.0 is fitted with a hydraulic crane to facilitate the heaviest track infrastructure duties. It can also be used for other work including clearing snow, working with the other three types of vehicle.

The fourth type is the control car, STW 1.0, which can be driven from the other vehicles. This features a large loading platform and is designed so that a wide variety of equipment can be carried in a modular design.

ETW 1.0, ETW 2.0 and EOBW 1.0 will all, for the first time, be able to use either overhead wires for power, a high-performance battery set for rail applications, or from a diesel-electric power pack.

The manufacturer also highlights the modern social cabin fitted to Types 1 to 3.

There is an option within the contract for a further 46 vehicles, while they will all be built with the ability to fit ETCS at a later date.

The new vehicles will be used for inspection and maintenance tasks and in the future they will also assist on assembly projects.

ÖBB Infrastructure will replace existing vehicles that around 30 years old as it moves towards having a standardised maintenance train fleet which it believes will create cost savings as well as help with driver training.