The tram, 71-921 Corsair, is intended as a rolling stock upgrade for some Russian cities where metre gauge is used.

The Corsair’s body will be between 2.3m and 2.4m wide, narrower than the standard tram width. This allows the tram to pass small radius curves and significantly reduce lateral movement.

The design is based on a narrow-gauge tram bogie which the company first exhibited at the Electrotrans-2019 exhibition in Moscow.

“We decided to introduce a new product that could address the issue of a rolling stock upgrade in Russian cities like Kaliningrad, Pyatigorsk and Yevpatoria (in Crimea), where the tram tracks are 1m wide,” says Mr Felix Vinokur, president of PC Transport Systems. “Additionally, this product will feature the best solutions implemented in other up-to-date models of our production such as a fully low-deck floor. We are creating this tram with a focus on the European market.”

In addition to a fully low-floor design, other features will include two-stage suspension employing rubber-metal elements and coil springs to reduce wear, as well as integrated air-conditioning, multimedia systems, USB outlets and Wi-Fi.