SPANISH national operator Renfe has released a tender to purchase 57 EMUs for Cercanías and Medium Distance services, including a 15-year maintenance deal, worth €483m. The contract includes 29 Cercanías and 28 Medium Distance trains, as well as spare parts.

Renfe has already purchased 248 new trains for around €3bn as part of its plan to renew 50% of the Cercanías and Medium Distance fleets.

The tender was approved by Renfe’s board of directors on July 26, the same day the president of Renfe, Mr Isaías Táboas, and the president of Alstom Spain, Mr Leopoldo Maestu, signed a contract worth €1.447bn for 152 high-capacity trains for Cercanías services. Stadler and Alstom were awarded contracts worth a combined €2.445bn to manufacture 211 140km/h trains in March, with Renfe and Stadler signing a €998m contract for 59 high-capacity trains on July 15.

The Alstom-built trains will be 100m-long. Each train will seat 900 passengers, 20% more than the legacy fleet, and feature 10 doors and wider vestibules to speed up loading and unloading times.

The trains will be manufactured at Alstom’s facility in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Barcelona, creating 500 new jobs. The order will also allow Alstom to increase production capacity and invest in new industrial facilities such as welding workshops, paint booths, warehouses, dynamic test tracks and 3D printers. Alstom will also improve its collaboration with professional training schools and universities to develop a programme of professional internships and specialised training, which will allow it to incorporate young talent into the plant.

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