GERMAN operator Netinera, a subsidiary of Italian State Railways (FS), has signed a contract with Rolls-Royce for the complete overhaul of up to 180 MTU powerpacks installed in Siemens Desiro (VT 642) multiple units used for regional services.

The contract runs until 2032 and provides for the complete overhaul of powerpacks based on MTU series 183 engines using the so-called “Reman” process.

The powerpacks will be dismantled and cleaned before they are tested and rebuilt using remanufactured components or new parts. They can then be used for another 18,000 hours of operation. The process is entirely anonymous, as the customer does not necessarily get the same powerpack or engine back as it handed in for refurbishment.

The MTU powerpacks include the engine and transmission, as well as the ancillary units required to drive the vehicle such as the cooling system and the exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

Rolls-Royce is already overhauling 235 MTU powerpacks for Netinera’s Alstom Lint trains and 13 MTU type 16V 4000 R41 engines of for ER 20 locomotives at its Reman site in Magdeburg.