REGIONAL transport authority ZNR has launched a tender for the supply and maintenance of up to 90 EMUs to operate the Cologne S-Bahn network.

The contract would run for at least 36 years from delivery of the new fleet.

ZNR is looking for a design based on four modules: a seats module; a module where passengers can stand in comfort; a multi-purpose module including a wheelchair space; and a “flex” module.

Two EMU types are specified: the shorter at 150m in length comprising at least 96 modules per train. The longer 170m trains would have at least 112 modules per train. There will be two toilets on each train.

To ease boarding, the floor height must be 960mm above the top of the rail. Maximum speed should be at least 140km/h.

ZNR plans to deploy the new trains on routes S6, S10, S11, S12, S13, S14, S19, S38 and S68 of the Cologne S-Bahn network. Rolling stock will be made available to the operator under contract to ZNR.

Testing is due to start with the introduction of the 2027 timetable on December 13 2026. The new fleet would then be gradually placed in commercial service under a programme running until December 2032.

Bids are to be submitted in German by 12.00 on June 27 2022. Assessment will be undertaken primarily on price, but energy consumption costs, fleet availability and the amount of interior space provided will be taken into consideration.

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