The financing for the LRVs is divided into two lots. Lot 1 will provide €23.4m from a combination of funding through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020 funding period and state financing. The other 12 vehicles will be funded with €21m of state funding.

The financing is being provided through the Thuringian Construction Bank (TAB) and the Thuringian State Office for Construction and Transport (TLBV). Funding for a further nine LRVs through the ERDF’s 2021-2027 funding period is being examined.

“As a city, we are very grateful and happy to have final certainty that trams will continue to be the backbone of Jena’s local transport in the future,” says Jena mayor and department head for urban development, Mr Christian Gerlitz. “The new trams will enable us to cope with the passenger numbers that have been growing for years.”

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