The contract was signed in Sochi by FPK general director, Mr Peter Ivanov, and TVZ general director, Mr Andrei Solovey, in front of Russian prime minister, Mr Dmitry Medvedev, on February 14.

The contract, worth Roubles 237bn ($US 3.5bn) excluding VAT, includes an initial order 2644 coaches and an option for an additional 1086 coaches.

The contract covers the development, design, manufacture and certification of the coaches, which will all be built at the TVZ plant north of Moscow. The contract includes the development of new series of coaches designated Wagon-2019, Wagon-2020, and Wagon-2023.

The combination of single and double-deck vehicles include a variety of seating, staff, open-type, and restaurant cars to be formed into push-pull trains.

“The contract is of exceptional importance both for TVZ and for the transport manufacturing industry as a whole,” Solovey says. “It will not only ensure the utilisation of the plant’s production capacity, but also create conditions for the calm and steady development of the domestic passenger coach manufacturing industry in the coming years.”