UWC’s Tikhvin plant will supply 40 hopper wagons to Soyuzkontakt-Trans and 18 flat wagons and five box wagons to ATU Trans. The hopper wagons and flat wagons are due to delivered by the end of second quarter of this year, while the box wagons will be supplied by the end of the third quarter.

The model 19-9549 hopper wagon is designed to carry grain and grain mill products. It has a volume of 120m3 which UWC says make it possible to use the wagon’s entire capacity of 76 tonnes. “This means that the operator can reduce its required fleet size by as much as 15%, leading to savings on maintenance and freight transport,” UWC says. The wagon has five loading hatches for the even distribution of grain and to reduce loading times.

The model 11-6874 box wagon has a volume of 175m3 and a capacity of up to 73 tonnes. It is fitted with top and side loading hatches for rapid loading of bulk freight.

The model 13-6895 60-foot flat wagon will be used to transport timber. It can carry of 72.5 tonnes of timber and has a loading length of 18.85m. The wagon’s uniform-section side beams reduce unused space when transporting packaged freight and prevent it from being damaged during loading and unloading.