The contact will include an initial order for 20 tram-trains, with an option for up to 50 more.

Upper Austria has joined a consortium of several German and Austrian tram-train operators, including Albtal Transport Company (AVG), Karlsruhe Transport Authority (VBK), Erms-Neckar-Bahn (ENAG), Saarbahn, Salzburg Local Railways (SLB) and Central Saxony Transport Authority (VMS) which want to run a joint procurement procedure for up to 500 tram-trains, which they expect to result in savings of up to 20%.

VBK and AVG are jointly managing the procurement on behalf of all project partners, as they have a requirement for around 150 vehicles.

The tram-trains for Upper Austria will be bi-directional, 37m long and 2.65m wide. The entrance level is 560mm-high, with a folding step to enable boarding from 380mm-high platforms. Each set will have 80 to 90 seats with total capacity for 200 passengers. There will be space for bicycles and a toilet for passengers with reduced mobility. The tender process will start in March.

The 20 sets, which are expected to cost around €90m, should be delivered between 2025 and 2030, replacing the existing electric vehicles on the Lambach - Gmunden line and the Stadler EMUs on the Linz - Eferding - Neumarkt-Kallham/Peuerbach line, which are both operated by Stern & Hafferl. Schiene OÖ will own the vehicles and lease them to the operator under a PSO contract.

The additional 50 tram-trains may be used on the modernised Linz-Urfahr - Aigen-Schlägl line, which will provide a link to Linz main station. Another new branch line from Linz to Pregarten is in the planning phase and should also be operated with tram-trains.

Negotiations are underway to take over the Haiding - Eferding - Aschach line from Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). This line will be electrified between Eferding and Aschach for a future Aschach - Eferding - Linz service to be operated by Stern & Hafferl.

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