The refurbishment, which will improve the cab and modernise the appearance of the fleet, is due to begin in late 2019, with the last renovated train due to re-enter service in June 2023. The work includes body surface treatment, an upgrade of the passenger information system, and interior renewal.

The refurbishment includes 39 M100 metro trains manufactured by Valmet/Strömberg and 12 M200 metro trains manufactured by Bombardier.

The contract comes as VR Maintenance looks to utilise and grow its maintenance facilities to bid for contracts to maintain fleets other than its own.

“We are looking for growth from other fleets and the victory of the competition gives our company a new reason to believe that we have chosen the right road and that VR Maintenance will also be able to compete in Finland and neighbouring areas,” says Mr Kimmo Soini, managing director of VR Maintenance.