The first nine four-car class 4110 EMUs will be handed over in December 2019, when Westbahn will suspend the Vienna Floridsdorf - Salzburg service, reducing its services by half. Westbahn will continue to operate the hourly Vienna West - Salzburg services.

Delivery of the 15 Kiss3 sets is scheduled during 2021, after which Westbahn will hand over its remaining legacy fleet to DB. Westbahn will then resume its half-hourly Vienna - Salzburg service in December 2021.

Westbahn has so far accumulated a loss of €83m, partly due to costly financing agreements for the existing fleet. The new EMUs will be financed at much better terms for Westbahn.

DB will use the Kiss2 trains for its new Dresden - Rostock inter-city service from spring 2020.

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