XIAN Rail Transit Group, China, has issued an international tender divided into three packages for the supply of trains for Line 8, Line 15 phase 1 and Line 10 phase 1. The closing date for bids is December 16.

Construction of the 49.9km Line 8, which is a circle line with 37 stations, started in 2019 and is expected to open in 2024. For this line, 79 Type A 80km/h trains each comprising four motor coaches and two trailers are required.

Work on Line 10 Phase 1 also started in 2019 with a planned opening date of 2024. The 34.4km line with 13 stations runs from Yangjiazhuang to Shuijinggongyuan. Xian Metro requires 31 Type B trains with a maximum speed of 100km/h comprising 15 four-car sets and 16 six-car trains.

Construction of the 19.5km phase 1 of Line 15, which runs from Xiliu to Hanjiawan with 13 stations, started in 2020. A fleet of 18 Type A trains with a maximum speed of 100km/h is required comprising eight four-car and 10 six-car sets.

In each case, two pre-series trains must be supplied by the end of September 2023 for type testing prior to the start of mass production.

Consortia are not allowed to submit bids. Companies can bid for up to two packages, but each package will be awarded to a different supplier. Bidders must have supplied urban transit vehicles in mainland China within the last five years.

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