Zillertalbahn awarded Stadler a contract in May 2018 to supply five trains to replace diesel traction on its 760mm-gauge line from Jenbach to Mayrhofen in the western province of Tyrol. Each 75m-long four-car set will accommodate up to 452 passengers.

The delivery of new rolling stock as well as some infrastructure improvements will cut journey times from 55 to 45 minutes. Two additional fast trains will complete the 31.7km trip in 36 minutes.

The increased capacity will enable the introduction of a new mobility concept.

At present the main road through the Ziller valley is heavily congested during weekends as many tourists use their cars to travel to and from their destinations as well as from their hotels to the various tourist attractions.

Free travel on the Zillertalbahn will be offered to tourists staying in the area with the aim moving up to 25% of tourist traffic in the valley by rail.

The new fleet will enter commercial service from December 11 2022.

The project represents an €88m investment in new trains and €58m in infrastructure enhancements, including the complete reconstruction of Mayrhofen station.