According to Reuters, BDZ hopes to raise Lev 200-250m ($US 128-160m) from the sale, which will allow it to secure a further loan from the World Bank. This is contingent on BDZ raising sufficient income to at least pay the interest on its existing debts, which stood at Lev 743m at the end of April.

BDZ Tovarni Prevozi is by far the largest railfreight operator in Bulgaria, with a market share (by tonne-km) of 77.3% in 2010. It handled 11.57m tonnes of freight in 2011, of which 70% was domestic traffic. The company operates a fleet of 220 locomotives, of which 164 are more than 30 years old, while more than 3000 wagons exceed 30 years of age, out of a total fleet of 4859 vehicles.