This follows the completion of a pilot project at the end of 2018 using Traxens Box devices fitted to flat wagons operating within Europe. The trial was expanded earlier this year to more than 20 wagons, and in April the system was tested on wagons travelling to China.

The Traxens Box can be installed within a few minutes at freight terminals or in workshops and can be adapted to any type of freight wagon. The system can track wagons anywhere in the world, and should improve wagon utilisation through tracking, geo-localisation and distance monitoring.

“The technology used by Traxens, enabling the local interconnection of different devices without wiring, opens up new opportunities in train condition and composition monitoring,” says Mr Marc Valette, innovation director with CFL Multimodal. “This will allow the connection of different elements of the train ecosystem in the future, providing transparent and accurate information, improving the quality of service and information delivered to clients.”

CFL has also decided to automate train preparation including a digital brake test by using Traxens’ Digital Freight Trains system. This will have several benefits:

  • a 30-minute saving on the standard reallocation process to optimise loading
  • continuous monitoring of the brake system after departure, with real-time alerts to the driver to prevent wheel flats
  • improved safety and working conditions for staff performing brake tests
  • can be used solely by the train driver instead of two people, and
  • in the longer term, it will allow the interconnection between different operators’ systems to improve interoperability.