CR also operated 1033 China - Europe freight trains in May which was 43% more than in May 2019, and the first time 1000 such trains have operated in a single month.

The number of outbound trains from China in May totalled 556 carrying 50,000 TEUs representing year-on-year increases of 47% and 52%, respectively. This compares with 477 trains and 43,000 TEUs inbound from Europe to China, up 39% and 44% respectively year-on-year.

In May, China - Europe trains transported 1.96 million items and 9381 tonnes of anti-coronavirus materials such as masks, first-aid kits, protective clothing, hand-held temperature monitors, and goggles.

Regular video conferences have been held between CR and the national railways of Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland, and Russia during the coronavirus epidemic to improve the efficiency and logistics of the service and to reduce costs.