DB Cargo and wagon leasing and logistics company VTG Rail Europe have received approval for the series production of the modular m2 wagon which can be adapted for any load.

The German federal government’s Future Rail Freight Transport program has funded the construction of 50 pre-series wagons for different types of goods.

DB Cargo says that the design can be reconfigured in any length, purpose and structure for very different loads. The m2 wagon has the potential to be the backbone for large new wagon fleets in the rail freight industry. DB Cargo says it could also save resources in existing fleets in the long-term.

Currently DB Cargo has around 63,000 wagons in operation in Germany, which are also certified for cross-border operation.

The m2 wagons can be configured with a loading length from around 10m to more than 22m. Components including bogies, wheelsets and brakes can also be adapted. DB Cargo says this enables the m2 wagons to be adapted to specific customer needs such as weight, mileage or costs.

Depending on the load required, the reconfiguration can take up to a maximum of one day, but in other situations can also only take a matter of minutes.