GERMAN Rail (DB) has launched a new digital paperless rail freight handling system at its Munich-Riem freight yard. Developed by a startup company called Conroo, the move follows successful trials with Deutschen Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene und Straße (Duss) at transhipment terminals in Frankfurt am Main, Kornwestheim and Ulm.  

DB says the digital paperless technology speeds up freight processing and is more convenient and environmentally friendly. Truck drivers can manage their orders in eight languages. The software shows the status of freight at all times and informs drivers about the order at the transhipment station. They can book a time slot for loading via their mobile phone and add any missing freight data.  

Our customers save valuable time, and with the data and advance information we optimise our operations and avoid unnecessary crane trips," says Mr Andreas Schulz, chairman of Duss, which operates more than 20 transhipment terminals and is one of the largest terminal operators in Germany.