DB Network is seeking a 2.4% increase in rail freight and long-distance passenger track access charges and a 1.8% rise in track access charges for local rail passenger services. DB Network says is expects to receive a decision from BNetzA on the proposed 2021 track access charge increases by the end of November.

This year, DB Network says it is adhering to its policy of not passing on to its customers like-for-like price increases for the provision, modernisation and expansion of the rail network.

DB says the planned 2.4% in freight and long-distance passenger access charges reflects the decision last year by BNetzA not to fully comply with DB requested price increase for the 2019-20 timetable year, when BNetzA decided to shift the burden from freight to long-distance passenger.

DB says that in the past, the difference between applied for and approved track access charges has created uncertainty in the market. “If one compares the requested charges for 2021 with the approved charges for the 2019-20, this results in a disproportionately high increase for the freight and long-distance passenger sectors,” DB says. This is particularly the case for freight, as BNetzA decided to reduce freight access changes in 2018.