Growth was driven by a 4% increase in cross-border traffic, which dominates rail freight operations in the Netherlands. Around 27 million tonnes of freight left the country by rail in 2015 with 9 million tonnes coming in from neighbouring countries. The origin or destination for most trains is Germany, which accounts for 70% of international traffic. The Dutch network carried 2 million tonnes of transit traffic last year, with Germany - Belgium intermodal and Sweden - Belgium automotive trains accounting for most of the volume.

The domestic market grew strongly with a 20% increase in volumes, but remains small in comparison with the international business, reaching just 4 million tonnes. Rail has a modal share of just 2.4% of the Dutch freight market, compared with 40% on inland waterways and more than 50% by road.

Intermodal remained the largest sector, accounting for 14.8 million tonnes or a third of freight transported by rail.

Rail freight operators transported 9 million tonnes of coal and oil, 6.2 million tonnes of iron-ore, and 2.6 million tonnes of metallurgical products last year.