Hupac is already using Nexiot’s sensors to provide real-time updates on 1000 wagons. Information is supplied every five minutes and includes location, impact events, border crossings, and mileage.

A trial of the enhanced system will take place later this year and, if successful, will facilitate automation of many of the operator’s planning processes, saving time and money.

“When we began to analyse the data generated by the sensors in collaboration with Nexiot, we realised that it could be used to identify and predict weak spots in the supply chain, helping us to make more informed planning decisions in an optimal way,” says Mr Aldo Puglisi, who is responsible for digitalisation and business processes reengineering at Hupac.

“This is exciting because fewer manual entries imply fewer errors and the information can also be shared with our partners to make the entire supply chain more transparent and efficient.”

For more detail on Nexiot's project with VTG, see the November 2017 edition of IRJ, or click here.