The trains are 7.1m high and are equipped with with high-reach pantographs with a contact wire height of 7.87m and a catenary height at 8.65m with a tension of 10kN, the standard for DFC electrification. Each train has a carrying capacity of up to 15,000 tonnes of freight.

The service is part of the wider Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) project, comprising 1483km of electrified 1676mm-gauge double-track, which will connect Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai to Dadri station in Delhi.

Around 70% of the wiring on the route has now been commissioned under multiple contracts. The line will also feature ETCS Level 1. The project aims to increase rail freight efficiency between the states of Haryana and Maharashtra and is part of the wider government-backed DFC project.

Commercial trials began on the 306km Rewari - Madar section of the Western DFC in December and the complete corridor is expected to open in 2021.