Based on Kiruna Wagon's patent-pending modular logistics system, the wagon developed for Hermes combines a standard underframe with tailor-made load carriers that can easily be exchanged, depending on the type of freight being carried. The carriers are designed for straightforward transhipment between wagons of different gauges and for easy transfer from rail to road or ship. Loaded and unloaded containers can also be stored on the ground, improving wagon utilisation.

Kiruna Wagon says a key challenge of the dry-bulk project with Iberpotash is to reduce dust emissions, particularly during discharge. The demonstrator is therefore modelled on the manufacturer's roofed side dumper wagon, which is sealed to contain the load and prevent exposure to rain or snow.

The demonstrator also shares the rectangular cross-section of the side dumper in order to maximise payload.

The Hermes project is being funded by the EU through its Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.