MOZAMBIQUE Ports and Railways (CFM) has signed a service level agreement with the Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC), with the aim of developing freight traffic in the Maputo Logistics Corridor and encouraging modal shift from road to rail.

CFM and MPDC are working together to provide a competitive and profitable rail freight service along the corridor centred on CFM’s 88km main line from the port of Maputo to the South African border.

The agreement specifies wagon loading and unloading times, transit times, and dwell times at stations, yards and within the port itself. The aim is to provide effective and efficient logistics services for freight customers.

At the same time, CFM and MPDC will continue to invest in the digitalisation and enhancement of operational processes in order to improve the reliability and quality of rail freight services to the port.

“The port investment that will be made over the next 25 years must be matched by rail investment,” says CFM chairman, Mr Agostinho Langa Juníor.

Pointing out that road transport would never be capable of handling 40 million tonnes a year, he adds: “There has to be on the land side, especially on the railway side, the capacity to increase rail volumes.”

“The goal is customer satisfaction and this can only happen if the corridor is thought of as a whole and becomes increasingly competitive," says MPDC executive director, Mr Osório Lucas.