An analysis of the market published in August as part of studies for the National Transport Plan indicates that 5-7 million tonnes of freight could be transferred from road to rail or sea. Jernbaneverket says that rail has retained a significant share of the market on key corridors, but that status is under threat on the Oslo - Trondheim route.

Following consultation with the freight industry, Jernbaneverket has unveiled a range of measures to reinforce and enhance rail's market position. Plans to construct new passing loops have been accelerated and NKr 630 has been allocated for work on these projects between 2016 and 2018.

Jernbaneverket has appointed Mr Roger Kormeseth as its new freight manager with a brief to identify short-term measures to stimulate railfreight growth. Kormeseth says increasing capacity on the Oslo - Trondheim line and providing additional terminal capacity in the Trondheim area are top priorities.

From March 1 Jernbaneverket will also introduce a new scheme to compensate railfreight customers for infrastructure-related delays such as signal failures.