Operail received a licence to operate rail services on the Finnish network in May, and is using nine Wabtec PowerHaul locomotives. 

“International expansion is an integral part of our growth strategy and we are delighted to take the next step towards greater goals by starting operations in Finland. This is the moment we have been eagerly waiting for,” says Mr Paul Lukka, chairman of Operail Finland and a member of the management board of Operail Group. “We are now present in Finland and our aim is to secure our position in the market. We already have new plans in place, and we will be happy to share them with the public when the time is right.” 

Rauanheimo managing director, Mr Joakim Laxåback, welcomed the interest in the Finnish market and the introduction of a new operator.  

“Operail will certainly perform well and perfectly complement VR Transpoint’s existing efficient service,” Laxåback says. “We see substantial volumes for dry bulk transported by rail on the Vainikkala - Koverhar route and in the long term a growing need for rail transport in the whole country, both in terms of domestic loads and transit.” 

Operail announced its expansion into Finland in October 2019. 

“In a short time, we have managed to hire highly valued professionals to our team, whose knowledge and experience have helped to make sure that the intensive preparation period was successful,” says Mr Ilkka Seppänen, managing director of Operail Finland.