The letter of intent allows the two rail freight operators to start negotiations regarding a possible a joint venture without any obligation at this stage.

PKP Cargo’s president, Mr Czesław Warsewicz, says the potential to develop intermodal services between the two countries is very promising, as 50 million tonnes of freight is transported annually between Poland and Lithuania, but only about 1% of this is carried by rail. 

“We want the railway to take over part of these loads,” Warsewicz says. “Now, 2.5 million trucks drive between our countries every year, which shows what social and environmental benefits our initiative can bring.”

“Railways in Poland and Europe have huge and unused potential in freight transport,” says Mr Janusz Kowalski, deputy minister with Poland’s Ministry of State Assets. “The agreement between PKP Cargo and LG Cargo will allow this potential to be better utilised and will form part of implementing the ‘truck on track’ programme to relieve Polish roads.”