The acquisition of 20 rebuilt GE locomotives from NRE coupled with the rehabilitation of units from its existing motive power fleet has enabled RVR to increase its haulage capacity.

According to a report by Kenya's National Bureau of Statistics, RVR moved 1.5 million tonnes of freight in 2014 compared with 1.2 million tonnes the previous year. The report says the increase in traffic boosted RVR's turnover to $US 53m, up from $US 47m in 2013.

However, RVR passenger traffic dropped for the third consecutive year since 2012. Passenger journeys fell by 5% from 4 million in 2013 to 3.8 million last year leading to a drop in passenger revenue from $US 2.1m in 2013 to $US 1.6m.

"The decline in passenger traffic can be attributed to the suspension of passenger rail services between Nairobi and Kisumu," the report says.

RVR hopes to spend $US 23.5m in the next five years to acquire additional locomotives as part of its $US 287m capital expenditure plan.