RZD transported a total of 1.024 billion passengers during the year, which was a fall of 4.3% compared with 2014. This figure includes 95 million passengers on long-distance services, a decline of 5.1%, and 926.5 million suburban passengers, a fall of 4.2%.

Overall freight traffic experienced a more modest decline of 1% to 1.214 billion tonnes. There were notable declines in construction materials to 130.7 million tonnes, a fall of 7.4%, cement, which fell by 11.1% to 28.6 million tonnes, and petroleum and petroleum products, which declined by 2.1% to 251.2 million tonnes. However, coal traffic increased by 2.5% to 323.3 million tonnes, chemical and mineral fertilisers went up by 4.4% to 51.4 million tonnes, ore ferrous and non-sulfur raw materials increased by 6.1%, and coke traffic improved by 6% to 11.1 million tonnes.

The figures also show that freight turnover reach 2.3 trillion tonne-km during the year, an increase of 0.2%. Turnover including empty wagons remained the same at 2.954 trillion tonne-km.