NSS manages 130km of track and 391 points with connections to around 100 private company industrial sites. Following the takeover the company's name will change to Strukton Rail Short Line.

Strukton says that it is important for freight transport and the Dutch economy that these lines remain open and that the acquisition by a private company will "challenge the industry and innovative power to develop these solutions."

NSS' activities have been a problematic issue in the reforms to the Dutch railway sector, which involved the restructuring of NS into a passenger operator, and the establishment of Prorail to manage infrastructure. NSS was established prior to the takeover of NS' railfreight division by German Rail (DB) to avoid a single freight operator holding a monopoly over access to these sidings.

Strukton says Strukton Rail Short Line will soon contact the companies in the Netherlands with private sidings or an interest in establishing a railway connection to the main line network to establish a concept for maintenance.