Delivery of tank wagons will be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2021, and follows on from the contract for the first lot of 400, which was awarded at the beginning of the year.

The tank wagons are designed for transporting propane, butane and mixtures of the two. Each has a payload of 90 tonnes and a volume of 163.1m3. The wagon has two tanks connected by a clearance-free articulation designed to accommodate increased longitudinal and vertical loads and provide unobstructed passage for the wagon when operating alone or coupled with standard freight wagons. The wagon is fitted with 25-tf bogies which can negotiate small-radii curves of 60-80m.

“We have a stable flow of orders for LPG transport on both domestic and international long-distance routes, primarily from Irkutsk Oil Company,” says Mr Sergey Gorsky, board member of TexolTrans.