UNITED Wagon Company, the largest manufacturer of freight wagons in Russia, is to build 500 hopper wagons by the end of 2021 for Rusagrotrans.

The wagons have increased capacity (76.5 tonnes) and an increased body volume (101m3) which allows an increase in payload of up to 7% compared with existing vehicles. They will be used to transport grain.

It’s planned that the new wagons will significantly speed up and increase the mechanisation of the loading and unloading processes and increase the safety of the cargo being transported.

“In just a year, the volume of direct shipping routes for the company increased from 257,000 to 1.1 million tonnes, which is almost 10% of all export grain shipments in the 2020-21 season,” explains the president of the RTK Group and first deputy general director of Demetra-Holding, Mr Alexey Gribanov.