The terminal is located south of Vienna Blumental station with road access from the S1 highway. It will replace the existing Vienna Nordwest terminal which is situated within a housing area and will be closed soon.

Vienna South terminal is owned by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and is operated by Terminal Services Austria, a subsidiary of ÖBB Infrastructure. As the terminal has logistics facilities, it will be able to replace several minor freight loading points around Vienna.

Construction started in August 2013 and phase 1 has now been completed. The terminal has two gantry cranes serving four 700m-long tracks which are electrified at both ends so that electric-locomotive-hauled trains do not require a diesel locomotive to enter and leave the terminal. Three loading tracks are being built for conventional freight trains which will be completed in 2017.

Vienna Blumental station has been rebuilt and now has four freight spurs in addition to the two main tracks which also serve the passenger platform. For the time being the line from Blumental to the north is double track as far as Inzersdorf station with an additional single-track connection towards Oberlaa so that trains from the east and from the west can reach the terminal without reversing. Track doubling between Blumental and Wampersdorf is now underway.

Space has already been reserved for phase 2 of the terminal. This includes four additional tracks for intermodal trains with two more gantry cranes and additional tracks for general cargo and logistics. Under phase 1, the terminal can handle 210,000 TEU per year, but this will double when phase 2 is completed.