Issue Dates Subjects & Specifications
January 2009 Cost Cutting Strategies
  Submission Deadline: November 20, 2008
February 2009 Fraud Challenge Solutions
  Submission Deadline: December 18, 2008
March 2009 Capital Raising Strategies
  Submission Deadline: January 19, 2009
April 2009 Internet/Electronic Banking Developments
  Submission Deadline: February 13, 2009
May 2009 Compliance Concerns
  Submission Deadline: March 17, 2009
June 2009 Security: Data and Physical
  Submission Deadline: April 21, 2009
July 2009 Employee Incentives
  Submission Deadline: May 19, 2009
August 2009 Handling Credit Recovery Challenges
  Submission Deadline: June 22, 2009
September 2009 Retail Banking Trends
  Submission Deadline: July 21, 2009
October 2009 Mobile Banking
  Submission Deadline: August 21, 2009
November 2009 Partnering Up: Finding the Payback
  Submission Deadline: September 22, 2009
December 2009 Top Management Issues
  Submission Deadline: October 20, 2009

White Papers are a series of informative non-editorial reports devoted to a specific banking topic and open to any firm that meets the minimum expenditure requirement –– increase their 2009 advertising commitment by one page, or equivalent, over their 2008 expenditure. This applies for each White Paper. Each participant’s ad must run in the issue of ABA Banking Journal that corresponds to the month that the White Paper will be distributed. Articles must contain thoughtful analysis of a related subject that senior bankers will consider impartial, informative and useful.  No transparent sales pitches. White Paper articles will be subject to limitations and approval by the Publisher and Editor.

Please submit:

• one 400-600 word executive summary for printing in ABA Banking Journal and
• one 2,500 word (or less) article for the ABA Banking Journal online website.

A one-page executive summary of your White Paper article will be part of that month's issue of ABA Banking Journal. Plus: bonus distribution at appropriate trade shows. The full text is posted for six months on our web site, Additional copies of the magazine may be ordered in advance of publication at $5.00 each.

Production Specifications

for executive summary AND full article which must be sent as 2 separate documents:
a) Executive summary printed page: 400 - 600 words of text depending on use of illustration. Space is limited to one page in the magazine. Printed in black & white ONLY.
b) Executive Summary maximum length: 600 words. Full Article maximum length: 2,500 words.
c) Executive summary and the full article must be supplied as TWO separate WORD documents.
d) Provide text and tables using Microsoft Word on CD.
e) Provide illustrations (charts) as an eps, tiff or jpeg. Color illustrations will only be used on the web site. All illos MUST be 300 dpi.
f) Include hard copies of all text, tables, and graphs. Graphs must include data points and must be in black and white.
g) Include each of the following on all media provided and hard copies for easy reference: author’s name and title, company name, phone number, email address, and article’s title.
h) Do not place tables or graphs within the executive summary or article’s text. Place each in clearly identified, separate electronic files. Simply refer to the correct placement of each in the article’s text. E.g.: [PLACE GRAPH 1 HERE].
i) Do as little stylistic formatting as possible. Most formatting is distorted by translating software programs or the standardizing of formats by the publisher.
j) A photo of the author can accompany the article (black & white in the magazine or 4/color on the website.) All photos MUST be 300 dpi

How to submit articles:

• Email: Mary Brown, [email protected].
• Must be sent as two separate files in Microsoft Word and any separate file(s) for any illustrations.
• Files delivered via email ([email protected]) cannot exceed 10 Megabytes (10MB or 10,000K), including attachments.