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February 18, 2018

Securely connect your assets to the IoT

Written by  Siemens
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Compact, robust and easily installed, the Data Capture Unit is a one-way gateway that allows live data transmission from your infrastructure to the cloud, for storage, monitoring or analysis purposes, providing safety and security for both technology and passengers.

As the IoT continues to grow rapidly it has already impacted railways. Mobility is increasingly developing into a service, and intermodal travel is now a reality. This opens previously-closed doors to a vast universe of data, offering countless new options for suppliers, operators and passengers.

As a market-leading provider of railway infrastructure solutions, Siemens has the necessary expertise and experience and thus also the responsibility to support and shape this connected technology. This is seen in the new Data Capture Unit, a passive network gateway that delivers a high level of system security and flexibility while providing controlled access to the system from the outside. The DCU allows “live” data transmission, but only in one direction, for example between a traffic management system and an interlocking. It then makes this data available for advanced tools such as live monitoring, comprehensive data analysis and predictive maintenance.

Siemens IT experts, researchers and developers are working hard to integrate their expertise in the company’s products and solutions right from the design phase onward. The aim is to establish security as a feature instead of adding it at a later stage. This approach allows Siemens to offer the reliable protection of passengers, as well as ensuring data integrity and confidentiality while facilitating data availability.

For more information on the Data Capture Unit, click here.

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