CHINA Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has completed the country’s largest high-speed train maintenance depot to be built as a single construction project. Located at Tianfu, near Changdu in Sichuan province, the new facility has depot buildings totalling 62,000m2, including a 12-track workshop, and 5.6km of track.

The new facility has an integrated control system that monitors vehicles and provides condition information in real time. It is the first depot in China to incorporate monitoring technology that can inspect trains passing at up to 30km/h. The depot buildings have also been equipped with an intelligent ventilation and temperature control system that integrates temperature, rain, and wind speed sensors.

The opening of Tianfu maintenance depot has allowed the frequency and scale of train operations on the Chengdu hub and the southwest region's high-speed rail lines to be increased, which is expected to assist the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin Cities Economic Hub.