THE Chinese government plans to continue creating more convenient, faster and more comfortable services to benefit more people says transport minister Mr Li Xiaopeng.

Speaking at a news conference in Beijing on August 24, Li said that an integrated service system will be established. “People will look for a better and more convenient transfer service when they make transfers between different modes of transport,” he said.

The transport industry is to plan transfer hubs with multiple modes he said and that that would be in accordance with the concept of ‘zero-meter transfer’ which is designed to allow passengers to make transfers more easily.

The transport sector also aims to provide faster services he said and will therefore continue to build high-speed railways and civil aviation facilities to enhance capacity. Already the high-speed rail network serves 95% of Chinese cities with a population of more than one million people.

At the same event, director of China National Railways, Mr Liu Zhenfang said that research and development of green technology will be promoted to build a more efficient and environmentally-friendly railway system.