The consortium comprises Vinci Construction subsidiaries Vinci Construction Grands Projects, Dodin Campenon Bernard and Vinci Construction France (65%), alongside Webuild (33%) and Bergteamet (2%).

Package 5A involves construction of the four 500m-deep Avrieux shafts using raise-boring machines, which comprise mechanical excavators operating from the base of the future shafts. Vinci Construction says the technique optimises safety, costs and time during construction of the shafts, which will enable ventilation and ensure safety of the future tunnel at Modane underground station.

The contract also involves evacuating galleries and seven caverns through conventional methods using explosives at the foot of the existing Villarodin Bourget - Modane decline, which are up to 22m-high and 23m-wide.

The project will employ up to 250 staff over the next three years.

Telt is a 50:50 joint venture between Italian State Railways (FS) and the French state. The line was reapproved by the Italian government in July last year, following months of political deadlock between the Italian and French governments.

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