A planning consultation is underway for an electrified line connecting the cities of Reutlingen and Tübingen via Gomaringen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany to form a tram-train network.

The proposals include using both the existing rail network and new sections of railway, as well as on-street LRT operation in Reutlingen and Tübingen.

The Reutlingen to Tübingen route.

The proposed line will use part of the former 11km route from Reutlingen to Gomaringen, which closed to passengers in 1976 and completely in 1985. From Gomaringen, a new line will head west to connect with the existing Tübingen - Sigmaringen line near Nehren.

Two basic routes have been proposed with costs ranging from €71-81m.

The 205km Regional-Stadtbahn Neckar-Alb network is expected to serve 700,000 people. Of this 137km requires electrification and 45km will be new or re-opened lines. In addition to existing stations, 68 tram-train stops will be added to the network. The complete project is expected to cost around €2.2bn.

The full network.

The first 20 750V dc/15kV 16.7Hz Citylink tram-train vehicles for the network were included in the VDV combined tram-train order placed with Stadler in January.

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