A 70:30 consortium of Webuild and Pizzarotti will design and construct the 28km Orsara - Hirpinia section of the Naples - Bari high-speed line under a contract awarded by Italian Rail Network (RFI). The contract is worth €1.075bn, while the total cost of the project is €1.53bn. 27km of the line will run in tunnels.

Trains will run at 250km/h unless at grade when they will run at 200km/h. When complete, journey times between Naples and Bari will be halved to two hours, while Bari -- Milan will take six hours. 

The new railway has been identified as a priority under the Italian government’s Unlock Italy strategy, which assigns investments to strategic infrastructure.

The contract will be managed by Webuild for RFI and follows a recent award for an 11.8km section of the same line from Orsara - Bovino worth €367.2m. This will open temporarily with the construction of a link to the existing line next to the current Orsara station. 

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