Utrol, consisting of lead partner OHL ŽS, Eurovia CS and Elektrizace Železnic Prauge, will carry out the electrification on the Uničov - Libina section, with work due to be completed in December. Services are due to begin operating under electric traction a year later.  

Šumlib, including Subterra, Porr and Eltra, has been awarded a contract to electrify the remaining section between Libina and Šumperk.  

The line is being equipped with 3kV dc electrification, but an upgrade to 25kV 50Hz ac electrification is envisaged.  

As well as installing electrification, the project also includes the reconstruction of the line in order to increase line speeds to 100km/h, reducing travel times and increasing comfort levels for passengers. The replacement of diesel trains with electric trains will also improve air quality around the line. Level crossings will be modernised with the addition of new safety features. 

New platforms with a height of 550mm will be installed at all stations between Libina to Uničov, with a new stop constructed at Troubelice střed. New platforms will also be installed at Nový Malín station and Hrabišín stop, on the Libina - Šumperk section. These stations will also be upgraded for barrier-free access and equipped with shelters and a passenger information system. 

The track layout in Nový Malín will be changed, with a new 90m-long platform installed.