DANISH State Railways (DSB) has entered an agreement with European Energy to purchase electricity from a planned new solar park in eastern Denmark.

Construction of Lidsø Solar Park will commence at Rødby Harbour in Lolland Municipality this autumn and upon completion in 2025 will have annual production capacity of 262GWh. Under the agreement, DSB will purchase 80GWh of electricity annually from the facility, equivalent to 50% of the current energy consumption of the Copenhagen S-Bane network.

The 253ha solar plant will be one of the largest in Denmark.

“We want to actively speed up the green transition in Denmark, as we have a goal of reducing the climate impact from our operations by 98% in 2030 compared with 2019,” says Mr Aske Wieth-Knudsen, head of sustainability at DSB.

“With the agreement, we are contributing to a faster conversion to green electricity in Denmark and thus expanding the train's position as one of the most climate-friendly forms of travel."